What We Do

We offer individual coaching and team coaching by appointment.Our evidence-based coaching, UK-trained Executive Coaches and inter-cessionary activities during coaching sessions will unleash your full potentials.

We work with Clients Coaches to listen and create professional space for coaching conversations aimed at possibilities towards your goals.

Sessions are designed for organizations, senior executives, managers, professionals, and educators. They are essential for unlocking the keys to better performance, both when expected performance.

Executive coaching is prestigious. Regular attendance is a critical success factor to executive and professional lifestyle in order to be indispensable, irreplaceable and unique to at least one organization.

Educators are included here because executive coaching goes to school, to enhance the efforts of educational directors, administrators, and educators in the classrooms. Consistency in educational coaching for schools is key to the educational development of educators and learners.

Coaching sessions are held in the interview laboratory, consulting, and conference rooms at our offices. However, coaching happens according to your availability and preference for:

  •   Face-to-face coaching
  •  Telephone coaching
  •  Online video (and off-screen) coaching
  •   Text message (chat or email) coaching.


Our Core Competence

Executive Coaching, Management Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Employee Coaching, Interview Coaching, Professional Ethics Coaching, Business Coaching, Educational Coaching, Instructional Coaching and Developmental Coaching.


How We Work

Stage 1: We deliberate your issues and cooperatively explore the conflict or divergence handling, crisis avoidance and performance improvement opportunities, either at a meeting or in a proposal. This is at an initial minimal needs exploration fee of USD500

We would together discover and expose potentials is the kind of change sought in your organisation, people, self and what seems to counteract your achievements efforts.We are confident you may be willing to change and do things differently in the way forward towards your goal, because we measure progress and success.

Stage 2: Proposal fee waived upon Coaching

When we are both confident we can support your change effort, we draft a proposal contract that will include a blend of our coaching models conditional to the need discussed and sessions organized specifically for your condition.

Stage 3: Coaching sessions

You will see measurable enhancements of performance, focus and morale. We do not overcommit but we commit to deliver through our coaching sessions and inter-cessionary activities because they are designed into our processes.

We gain through understanding your situation and needs. Our professional collaborative approach to planning ensures we all integrate to achieve your outcomes. We focus on measurable outcomes from scratch, and provide bespoke service in everything we do suitable to your requests. Sessions takes place as follows:

  1. Executive Coaching. 1 hour monthly for 6 months on Wednesdays.

Fee packages differ from middle to senior executive levels per Coachee.

  1. Team Coaching. Fees charged depends on whether it is a one-off session or package comprising monthly sessions per team for 6 months.

Stage 4: Evaluation and follow up 

This is essentially woven into our procedure for your assignment through to completion. Systematic and continuous giving and receiving feedback helps to ensure that the assignment remains levelled to key organizational needs and individual requirements with room for flexibility.



Call and WhatsApp no. for initial needs exploration and appointments is +233244342717. Please state your full name with a clear brief message.

Contact us

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