There are always enormous opportunities to further develop yourself or team through various means. We have carefully selected counselling and coaching interventions and strategic human resource management products for organisations and educational institutions as well as individuals. This programme seeks to help adults and students with Education, Training and Employment decisions and Performance Management. Work in the centre is focused on the four key themes above – Worker engagement & employee helpdesk; Employability and effective transition to work; Learning support and Performance management; within a framework of Leadership, Personal and Career development planning.

Our Core Competence

Executive Coaching, Management Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Employee Coaching, Interview Coaching, Professional Ethics Coaching, Business Coaching, Educational Coaching, Developmental Coaching and Parental & life coaching;

Career Counselling, School Counselling, Adult Counselling, College Counselling and Family Counselling, Counselling about Private Economy, Couselling about Health, and Lifestyle Counselling.

How We Work

First Step: We discuss your issues and jointly explore the performance improvement opportunities. This is at an initial minimal fee.

What do you want to achieve?

  • What is the change in your organisation, in your people you are looking for, in yourself and what seems to be getting in the way of achieving it right now?

What will that get you?

  • When you reach this outcome what will you have gained?

What are you willing to do to get there?

  • What are you willing to change and do differently?

How will you know when you have arrived?

  • How will we measure progress toward your goals?
  • What does success look like?

Second Step: Our proposal as a fee that is waived upon delivery

When we are both confident we can support your change effort, we draft a proposal that will include a combination of our counseling or coaching depending on the need discussed and training designed specifically for your situation. All of our proposals are:

  • Fully personalized to meet your needs
  • Structured with an understanding of your people and systems
  • Designed to meet the measured results we have agreed upon.

Third Step: Delivery

You will see measurable improvements in your performance and morale. We can say this because it is designed into our process.

  • We gain thorough understanding of your situation and challenges
  • Our partnership approach to planning ensures we both work together to achieve your outcomes
  • We focus on measurable outcomes from the start
    We personalize everything we do to fit your needs

Fourth Step: Review and follow up 

Actually, we do this as we go – not just at the end of any project. Regular and constant feedback helps to make sure that the project continues to be targeted to key organizational needs and individual requirements even as these may shift from time to time.

What You Get

Our clients tell us we:

  • Are fun to work with
  • Are positive and energetic
  • Go the extra mile
  • Are available
  • Are punctual, practical, reliable


Contact us

Accra : 0244 342 714 / 030 274 0600 | EXT 1

Kumasi : 027 775 3853 / 030 274 0600 | EXT 2

Tamale : 027 775 3851 / 030 274 0600 | EXT 3