What We Do

What are the Human Resources issues that keeps you awake at night? BJ Global Strategic HR consulting is unique and well positioned to assist SMEs, large and multinational organizations with their people management, growth and expansion strategies.

We are keen on return on shareholders' capital by supporting interested organizations on human interactions, and suggests more constructive approach to managing people. We take into account the complexity of stakeholder interests and aspirations.

Core Specialisms

Design of HR System for business, Health Human Resource (HHR) System Design, Education Human Resource Design, Employee Manual Design, Design of Personnel structure, Design of Job Description, Human Resource Audit, Salary Survey, Performance Management, Change Management, Cross-cultural Integration, Merger and Acquisition Management, Inter-Professional Collaboration (IPC).

How We Work

Phase 1: We discuss your HR issues and jointly explore the people management challenges, and improvement opportunities.  This could happen through a meeting or proposal requested, at an initial minimal needs exploration fee of USD500.

Hopefully, you will know when the solution is reached because we measure progress toward your goals, and what success look like.

Phase 2: Proposal fee waived uponDelivery


Specific HR issues that need to be addressed are considered seriously. When we are both confident we can support your change effort, we will draft a proposal contract or programme (sometimes with an introductory presentation) that will include a combination of our HRC delivery process depending on the need discussed specifically for your situation. We spell out each party’s role from scratch and indulge our client’s cooperation.  


Phase 3: Delivery

We gain through understanding your situation and challenges. Our professional collaborative approach to planning ensures we both work together to achieve your outcomes. We focus on measurable outcomes from scratch, and customize everything we do to fit your HR needs.

We work offsite, onsite or blend them according to the requirement of the project to give it the necessary attention. Certain projects need our physical presence and a trusted representative of our client. We can deploy our HR Consultants to work for you in your own premises in the areas that you may require our proficiency and experience to ensure your people challenges are resolved productively.

You will see measurable outcome performance, compliance, right personnel and compensation, morale and much more. We do not overcommit but we commit to deliver quality service designed into our process.

Phase 4: Review and follow up 

Woven into our process, we follow up to evaluate, give and receive feedback. This makes sure the project continues to be targeted to key organizational needs and individuals’ requirements even as these may shift from time to time.

Actually, this is woven into our procedure as we carry out your assignment through to completion. Regular and constant giving and receiving feedback helps to make sure that the assignment continues to be targeted to key organizational needs and individual requirements even as these may shift from time to time.


Call and WhatsApp no. for initial needs exploration is +233244342717. Please state your full name with a clear brief message.


Contact us

Accra : 0244 342 714 / 030 274 0600 | EXT 1

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