The Recruitment of Teachers and Workers for International Schools, Tertiary institutions and Professional Associations in Ghana. We work with enthusiastic teachers from across the world who are looking for teaching jobs in Ghana specifically in international schools as well as teachers from within the country. By international schools, we are focusing on those offering these educational philosophies: IGCSE, IB and Advance Placement (AP) which is the American programme.

We hire teachers for Pre-School to Senior High School or Pre-University entry levels, University Teachers and Professional Course Teachers for Professional Associations in Ghana. If you are interested in working in Ghana as a teacher, we want to help you find that perfect teaching job you’ve been dreaming of. Whether it’s permanent, long-term, short-term or daily supply, we offer various contracts to suite your needs.

We carry out stringent vetting procedures on all our teachers because we want to know that you are going to be comfortable and happy in your subject area, as a Ghanaian or foreign teacher. We want to ensure that our teachers excel in a school environment that is right for them.



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