BJ Global, one of Ghana's pioneers inexecutive recruitment and career development centre (CDC) among human resources organizations in West Africa, has over 120 years of practice experience. This expertise comprises 24 years’ in Executive Recruitment of top talents at the middle to senior levelsby Antal International Network, and a combined 98 years of experienced Trainers at the CDC who are delivering standardised Short Courses in leadership management, business and career development. BJ Global strives to provide quality human resources services which prepares executives and professionals as well as organisations’ employeesfor the challenges of the 21st century by allowing them to unlock and utilize their full potential. Employer branding is certain through our cost-effective offerings of avenues to develop skills effectiveness and the most professional personnel via the CDC and Recruitment programmes to organizations and homes. Besides Short Courses, CDC services and products include Strategic human resource consulting, Executive job and career counselling, Executive coaching, Educational coaching, Outsourcing of consultants and contract staff, and Payroll services.

BJ Globalassumes a professional environment and atmosphere inside and outside the training, counselling, coaching,and executive recruitment locale. Trainers and Recruitment consultants and other experts get personally involved in order to help delegates, candidates, counsellees and coacheesdevelop a strong professional bond. The company has many social events for organizations, executives, professionals, staff and Associate Trainers to network among themselves at our Talents Professional Network (TPN) meetings and more.



To become Ghana’s leading consultants in human capital and careers services.



Having identified the increase in skills and career development gaps at all levels of the organizational pyramid, we would work with leading organizations, executive and professionals on the need to attract, develop and maintain the right skills set that enablesorganizationsbuild high performance teams.We will therefore enhance the career development of executives, professionals and teachers.



We value Professionalism, Christianity, Accountability, Knowledge, Integrity, People, A "can-do" attitude, and Commitment.



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